Wednesday, February 20, 2013




Came across this very cute idea today via the Real Living website. How could you go wrong !!! .So if you have a piece of furniture that you are tired of looking at or thinking about throwing why not give do this DIY idea ago.

You will need:
  • Pressed-tin panel
  • Pencil &  tape measure
  • Tin snips (we used Trojan 300mm Tinsnips, $20.78, Bunnings)
  • Medium sandpaper (80-grit)
  • Paintbrush
  • Undercoat & paint
  • Selleys “Liquid Nails”, $8.95 for 250g, Bunnings

Step 1 Measure the size of the drawer fronts.
Step 2 With a pencil and tape measure mark the size of the drawer fronts on the tin panel.
Step 3 Use tin snips to cut carefully along the marked lines of the panels. Sand sharp edges until they are smooth. 
Step 4 Paint drawer fronts with undercoat. Allow to dry, then paint a second coat.
 Step 5 Paint the front of the panels in your chosen colour or colours. Leave to dry, then paint a second coat. Let dry.
 Step 6 Apply liquid nails adhesive to the back of one panel, then press it onto the drawer front. Remove the panel and leave it for a few minutes to become “tacky”. Reattach panel to the drawer front, applying firm, even pressure, especially around the edges (you may need a friend to help you). Repeat for remaining drawer fronts.
 Step 7 Wipe off any excess adhesive around the edges and allow 2 hours for the adhesive to dry. Voila! A bespoke chest of drawers.



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