Thursday, August 30, 2012




Fashion meets embroidery meets illustration meets watercolor.  Izziyana Suhaimi is the thread-and-needle artist behind this cheerful art. Just look at the detail on those stitched shapes - so incredible!(Check out her work space - it’s super cute. Jealous!)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012








           Design by Projects of Imagination .POI is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Melbourne .

Chin Chin is a restaurant serving no-frills, quality Asian cuisine in a dynamic and fast paced environment. The brand was created by Projects of Imagination. The graphic identity reflects the tongue-in-cheek, youthful pop-culture attitude and POI developed multiple communication touch-points, from the ever changing rock-poster wall to the 'Adults Only' wine list, to the neon signage throughout. POI also recently developed the graphic system for Chin Chin's sultry basement bar, 'Go Go'.I love the clever approach to this brand and how open Chin Chin was to making these changes which have surely made them stand out from the rest. 



The internet is an amazing source of information, but to me, there is nothing like flicking through the pages of a magazine to find new inspiration. Based in Melbourne, Fallen Magazine is one of those cool publications housing stories from fashion and design to travel and music. It’s published quarterly and only available at large newsagents ,mag nation or online but definitely worth a look through.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Art Works on Paper are exclusive one-off marbeling prints.
Handprinted by Pernilles Snedker Hansen. 


Over the last couple of weeks seem to have flown by....I have done a load of things .One of the highlights I would have to say was the opportunity I had to attended Craft and Design as a Career. The day consisted of Hello Sandwich, Beci Orpin, Alexi Freeman, Kylie Gusset, Tullia Jack and the ladies from EtsyAU. On the day other talks where given by Patrick Pittman, editor of Dumbo Feather, Susan Cohn, Blanche Tilden, Phoebe Porter and Mark Edgoose.

My two favourite speakers started the day of perfectly. Craft and Designs as a Career was all that the tittle promised and more. 250 people attended the event .Showing their are some passionate people interested in Craft and Design.

The first speaker is my all time favourite artist, graphic designer of all time ... Beci Orpin. When ver I view her work, I can appreciate her aesthetic abilities and bold use of color. She gave an in-depth and insightful talk of her approach towards working as freelancer. Her presentation was honest and inspirational , beautiful her Body of work and the spectrum of cliental that she has had the opportunity to work with. 

The next talker was Hello Sandwich. If you dont know her ,than you should.As a crafter, designer and writer ,are a few career titles she possesses . Once worked for vogue she has forged a living from crafting and gained a lot of work from clients visiting her unique blog. Being creative seems to be second nature to her. She has forged a career that would make most people envious of and is very talented. 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012



Craft Hatch is Melbourne's best market for craft and design, showcasing new work from student and emerging designers and experimental work from more established designers. Craft Hatch is a unique opportunity for anyone to purchase the freshest, hand-made products direct from the designer, including homewares, jewellery, clothing, accessories, stationery and more. Craft Hatch will take place four times a year at 1000 £ Bend.
Saturday 1 September 2012, 11am-4pm
At 1000 £ Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street

By tram: Routes 19, 57 and 59, stop 4 (Lonsdale St/Elizabeth St) 
By train: Melbourne Central Station
By car: Closest and cheapest car park is Wilson's Parking, 300 Latrobe Street


Peaches + Keen is the fluoro duo Lily Daley, a graphic designer, and Lucy Hearn, a gold and silversmith. When they are not lusting over plants at Garden World, Lily and Lucy combine their names, skills, and love of all things bold and bright into the creation of tactile, one-off items that make people smile.

Lucy Hearn and and Lily Daley are two friends who share a mutual love for design and jewelery. Together they are Peaches + Keen and their upcoming exhibition in Richmond is a collaboration mapping a celebration of colour and cheer, jovially laced together with jewelery design, art and leafy delights. 

No secrets I love fluoro (I even know how to spell it correctly, funny that), so I obviously love the current work by Peaches & Keen for Craft Victoria.

Thursday, August 9, 2012



Lumiere Art + Co

[Emma] I started Lumiere Art + Co a year ago. Before I had my son Lenny, I was teaching art full-time. After nearly ten years of teaching and doing the whole exam thing, when I had time off I realised I was sick of talking about [art]. Having students feed off me and giving and giving was draining. I needed to make. I started making things with vintage paper and selling them at markets. It was heartbreaking – I didn’t sell anything! Then I met Julia [surname Green, Director/Stylish of the appropriately named Greenhouse Interiors].

Julia used my work for shoots and the more commercial work I was doing for her, the more excited I got. Three weeks ago I took the plunge to give up teaching part-time and committed full-time to Lumiere Art + Co. It wasn’t actually that much of a risk – I’m really happy and feel good about how my work is going. It helps if you change what you produce every six months or so and are thinking about markets and trends. [Emma releases a new series of work every  six months and works collaboratively with retailers and stylists to provide what is wanted in shops - I see her very much as a perceptive and outward-looking artist].

What you are working on now?
Deco is a purely decorative collection strongly influenced by linear symmetry and resolved forms. I like to have meaning behind my work. This collection is a reference to the Art Deco period and  represents elegance, glamour, functionality and modernity. The look of this collection is created using Shibori - a traditional Japanese dyeing technique, relief printing and hand-folded paper. Each piece is individually dyed, printed by hand or produced through the use of a traditional printing press. Deco is the binding of all these ideas. I’m also in the process of printing a brightly coloured series of pillowcases.

What do you think the appeal is of Lumiere Art + Co?
I like to create pieces directly from the source rather than creating a representation. I use a printing press which has a massive steering wheel and looks like something from the seventies! It’s more labour-intensive than screen-printing but it creates an individual product that you can tell is hand-done. We’re so saturated with photography at the moment, and instant art, it’s nice to creative something that takes a bit of time.
My work is also very commercial. Julia [from Greenhouse Interiors] is really good at knowing the world of retail. The colour pallete I use, the easy-to-frame size and the white background of the Mandala pieces [from the Sanskrit world meaning 'circle'] are appealing to the eye and easy to look at. The circles are also resolved and centered. People like that. It’s decorative rather than having an art context. People can interpret it in all different ways.

You focus on using reclaimed materials. Why is that important to you?
There are two layers to this answer. First, as an art student and then an art teacher, you learn to be savvy with materials and respect them rather than wasting them. Second, I am drawn to things people discard. It breaks my heart to see beautiful, handmade items that are no longer considered fashionable being thrown out. I like to transform things using fun and colour, like the doilies and lace that I used for printing my Mandala series.

Where do you go for inspiration?
I went to the Venice Biennale last year which gave me a kick in the bum and opened my eyes that art doesn’t have to be localised.
I also went to the Milan Design Expo which was incredible. It pushed me to use colour in my work. The Italians are very good with colour!
And locally, Hut 13 is a confetti whirlwind of colour! [Owner] Luce Mora is a huge support to emerging local designers. [The shop is often a first step for local artists to get their work noticed commercially].

When are you at your creative best?
All day [I know, I was also taken-aback to hear that someone who is switched on ALL the time actually exists. Emma soon revealed her secret: smart time-management]. My day is based around Lenny so I work madly for the two hours that he sleeps during the day, as well as at night and on weekends when my partner is home. Lenny also joins me when I potter round with deliveries, which is most days.

What are your favourite artistic pieces in your home?
 I have two huge Spacecraft artworks hanging in my home. Stuart Russel is absolutely amazing. He uses layered image and pattern – his pieces are divine.
I also love these two wooden, bright blue chairs that I found in a market in Rome. They are only 20cms tall and must be 50 or 60 years old. I love the change in scale they give.
And I have a beautiful fruit bowl that is bright yellow and looks like it has been melted upside down. It’s from Lightly in Melbourne.

Lastly, describe your style in three words.
Eclectic, meaningful and fun.


Sunday, August 5, 2012


Pony Rider is about celebrating the beauty in the ordinary everyday things

Biting into an overripe plum.
Cracking the top of a creme brulee.
A pot of freshly brewed tea.
Curling up on the lounge to read the the weekend paper.
Using the "good" linen for the everyday...

I came across this brand and wanted to introduce you to one of my favorites as a source of inspiration and home wares labels, Sydney based Pony Rider. In their own words, Pony Rider is all about "celebrating the beauty in the ordinary everyday things" .Their latest campaign entitled 'Aztec Highway' doesn't disappoint, and I love the stylistic choices of the brands look-book of it's new collection .With colourful pom pom garland used throughout the campaign, such a sweet touch along side stick teepees.Emphasizing the brands laid back style. 
Pony Rider is a brand new collaboration between Sydney friends Kelly Searl and Jacqui Lewis. All their lovely textiles and soft furnishings are designed in house, and then hand screen printed and sewn in Sydney.I do love a story about creative collaboration between friends with varied backgrounds and demanding day jobs .Kelly’s background is in textile design and development (she’s worked with Sass & Bide, Oneteaspoon, General Pants and many more), whilst Jacqui is a PR whizz with her own communications agency!how talented indeed, and very inspirational.

Ponyrider also has such a beautiful website? Love the simplicity of the layout and clean, crisp photography. You can buy Ponyrider cushions, tea towels and napkins here very reasonably priced and there blog is also worth a look.


I was left speechless when we first laid eyes on these beautifully detailed oil paintings (yes, they are paintings) which i cant believe .The works by San Francisco-based Pakayla Biehn .Her work is beautifully executed  dreamy, whimsical works of art are based on double exposed photographs, which Pakayla accesses through collaborating with a number of photographers.

Thursday, August 2, 2012



The Australian market is showing it is not matching the organization and operations of large leading international corporate brands such as Zara and Topshop. With more brands such as H&M, Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie and Fitch to setup stores in Australia and will   be Melbourne or Sydney based. 
The consumer buying and habits have shifted with Fashion. Internet buying is becoming the more preferable choice, due to more competitive prices and free shipping offering a more competitive approach then other competitors. This is shifting trend is picking up more momentum due to a younger generation adaption of technology.  Business and companies don’t have a chance unless they adapt and embrace this change. The traditional business models and methods are on the verge of becoming extinct and are simply out date and had there time. 

This is why COUNTRY Road has agreed to buy fellow fashion retailer Witchery Australia for $172 million. The acquisition will be partly funded by through a one-for-two pro-rata renounceable rights issue at $2.66 per share to raise $92 million.Country Road's 88 per cent shareholder Woolworths has said it will participate in its pro-rata share of the entitlement.

The Witchery Group comprises the Witchery and the Mimco brands. Witchery has been operating for 40 years and offers women's, men's and children's clothing and accessories. It has 210 stores across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore. Mimco is an Australian designer of accessories and operates 96 stores in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Online articles stipulate that this will challenged the retail environment and shoppers will be the winners as three popular Aussie labels combine to tackle the might of a European fashion invasion. Creating a more substantial player in the fashion industry. But will they. It is risky and by just combining, will it make a difference in the long term ?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Craft Cubed 
3 August to 1 September 2012
Craft Cubed Annual festival held across Melbourne and Victoria.
LAUNCH: 6pm Thursday 2 August 2012, at Craft, 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne

Craft Cubed is our festival of experimental, skilled and ideas-based craft and design. It features exhibitions, open studios and workshops, as well as professional development sessions and our Craft Hatch market at 1000 £ Bend. Thousands of makers, artists and designers participate and attend, and more than 70 venues, studios and galleries are activated for the festival.

While most events in Craft Cubed are FREE, a few Keynote Events are ticketed and tickets for these events typically sell fast. Bookings are now open for the following four events: