Saturday, August 25, 2012


Over the last couple of weeks seem to have flown by....I have done a load of things .One of the highlights I would have to say was the opportunity I had to attended Craft and Design as a Career. The day consisted of Hello Sandwich, Beci Orpin, Alexi Freeman, Kylie Gusset, Tullia Jack and the ladies from EtsyAU. On the day other talks where given by Patrick Pittman, editor of Dumbo Feather, Susan Cohn, Blanche Tilden, Phoebe Porter and Mark Edgoose.

My two favourite speakers started the day of perfectly. Craft and Designs as a Career was all that the tittle promised and more. 250 people attended the event .Showing their are some passionate people interested in Craft and Design.

The first speaker is my all time favourite artist, graphic designer of all time ... Beci Orpin. When ver I view her work, I can appreciate her aesthetic abilities and bold use of color. She gave an in-depth and insightful talk of her approach towards working as freelancer. Her presentation was honest and inspirational , beautiful her Body of work and the spectrum of cliental that she has had the opportunity to work with. 

The next talker was Hello Sandwich. If you dont know her ,than you should.As a crafter, designer and writer ,are a few career titles she possesses . Once worked for vogue she has forged a living from crafting and gained a lot of work from clients visiting her unique blog. Being creative seems to be second nature to her. She has forged a career that would make most people envious of and is very talented. 

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